CTE Chemtec is a unique manufacturer of quality flow monitors, excess flow valves and flow meters. We are dedicated to providing products and services which exceed our customers' needs and expectations.

Welcome to CTE Chem Tec Equipment.
Chem Tec is a manufacturer of Flow Monitors, Flow Meters, Flow Switches, and Excess Flow Valves for 30 years.
Chemtec Flow Switches (also known as Flow Monitors and Flow Sensors) give switch contact at a predetermined flow rate. Flow Meters provide varying electrical output with fluid flow. Excess Flow Valves are normally open valves that close automatically at a predetermined flow rate.
Chemtec specializes in the lower flow ranges -- i.e. 120 SCFM air, 20 GPM water, or less. Flow Switches have fixed and adjustable models. All categories have a variety of flow ranges and pipe sizes.
CTE Chem Tec is the only manufacturer of all Teflon® Flow Switches and Flow Meters.

Important Notice: All CTE Chem Tec products containing reed switches are now available with digital solid state switching.

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