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Hitech Instruments was established in 1981 to design, build and market gas analyzers. Since that time it has established itself as one of the leading suppliers of gas analyzers into a wide range of industries and applications. Its innovative designs have earned it an enviable reputation worldwide. By designing a carefully thought-through range of products, each with a set of complementary options, analyzers from their standard range can be found for most applications.

For those more unusual applications their modular design approach enables easy development of custom designed solutions. These vary from simple adaptations to complex multi-gas instruments. Where required, they can supply custom designed sample conditioning systems to accompany the analyzers.

Hitech are part of MTL (Measurement Technology Ltd) and the Cooper Industries group of companies, having a global network of distributors and offices in most industrialized countries.

Hitech Instruments Product Offering

Hitech Instruments' range of gas detectors and sensors provide gas-analyzer solutions across a wide range of industrial applications. Their products include:

  • Oxygen Analyzers
  • Thermal Conductivity Analyzers
  • NDIR Analyzers
  • Multigas Analyzers

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