Digital Panel Meter

Laureate™ DC Voltage & Current Panel Meters (High accuracy, high read rate, control outputs)
Laureate™ DC voltage and current panel meters with a DC signal conditioner board, the salient features being It has high accuracy I.e. 99.99% of full scale ±2 count, with high read rate and Wide range of isolated output options for computer interface and control. It can be used as a direct-reading DC voltmeter with six full-scale voltage ranges from 200.00 mV with 10 mV resolution and 660.0 V with 100 mV resolution.The DC ammeter has a full-scale readout of ±20,000 counts and four full-scale direct-reading current ranges from 2.0000 mA with 0.1 mA resolution to 5.000 A with 1 mA resolution.
Laureate™ Process, Strain & Potentiometer Follower Meters Panel Meters with scalable readout & control outputs
Laureate™ digital process and strain panel meters are a cost-effective solution to a wide variety of monitoring and control applications which require a scalable readout from strain gauges or from process signals such as 4-20 mA, 0-5 V or 0-10 V. They are also ideal for use in potentiometer follower applications, where the transducer output is a changing resistance. These are also suitable for use as a readout for pressure transducers (manometer applications) and flow meters. Includes 5, 10, 24V transducer excitation output (user-selectable).
Laureate™ Custom Curve Linearizing Process Meter Panel Meter with easy programming for nonlinear curve fits
The Laureate™ Linearizing Process Meter is an enhanced version of the Laureate Process Meter with an Extended main board and an RS-232 communications board. It provides a 5-digit scaled display from -99,999 to +99,999 like the Laureate process meter,It has All capabilities of the Laureate process meter, plus custom curve linearization. Setup is easy using an external PC and linearizing software furnished by Laurel. For example, display liquid volume in irregularly shaped tanks, use with non-linear transducers, or extend the working range of nominally linear transducers
Laureate™ True AC RMS Voltage & Current Panel Meters 0.2 V - 660 V & 2 mA - 5 A full-scale ranges
It is a 60,000 count digital panel meter with exceptional performance at half the price of a bench top meter. It can measure true RMS voltage or current of AC signals where there is considerable distortion of the waveform, such as rectifier outputs or waveforms chopped by an SCR, TRIAC or transistor circuit True AC RMS digital panel meter offers a high accuracy 5 digit display for five voltage ranges i.e. 0.2, 2, 20, 200 & 600V and four current ranges viz. 2, 20, 200 mA & 5A current ranges with 132% overrange, for both It is suited for AC applications where there is considerable distortion of current waveforms from nonlinear loading.
Laureate™ Thermocouple & RTDTemperature Panel Meters (High accuracy plus linearized transmitter & control outputs)
Laureate™ digital panel meters with the temperature signal conditioner board provide highly accurate, stable and repeatable temperature indication for multiple thermocouple types and 100 Ohm platinum RTDs. The meter accepts the outputs of types J, K, T, E, N, R and S thermocouples, plus 100 ohm platinum RTD’s with DIN alpha of 0.00385 and ANSI alpha of 0.003925. The thermocouple or RTD type, range and resolution (1° or 0.1°) are selectable from the front panel or via the serial interface. Display in Kelvin or Rankine can be selected by offsetting the Celsius or Fahrenheit range. All ranges for all temperature sensor types are digitally calibrated at the factory.
Laureate™ Load Cell & Microvolt Panel Meter 20 mV - 500 mV full-scale ranges, 4- or 6-wire connection
The Laureate™ load cell and microvoltmeter is a high-sensitivity monitor and controller for use with load cells, strain gauges and microvolt input signals where high accuracy and stability are required. DC microvoltmeter operation provides sensitivity down to 20 mV full scale with 1 µV resolution.. Load cell operation allows six-wire hookup and scaling for direct readout in engineering units, such as pounds, kilograms or PSI. Scaling can be via front panel pushbuttons or a computer. Zero may be set from -99,999 to +99,999. Digital scaling and calibration eliminate drift caused by potentiometers in non-microcomputer based meters.
Laureate™ Scale Meter for Weighing Applications High accuracy weight, low cost, plus control outputs
The Laureate™ Weight Meter is more compact and less expensive than available alternatives. It is an accurate digital panel meter with special firmware for weighing applications. It is available with the Laureate load cell or DC signal conditioner board. It provides a choice of two signal conditioner boards: the Laureate load cell signal conditioner board, which provides full-scale ranges of 20, 50, 100, 250 and 500 mV with 4- or 6-wire load cell hookup, and the Laureate DC signal conditioner board, which allows the meter to accept preconditioned signals such as 0-10 V or 4-20 mA. Options include set point control, analog output and digital communication boards.
Laureate™ Ohmmeter for Resistance in Ohms
The Laureate™ Ohmmeter is ideal for high-speed, high-accuracy resistance measurements in a production environment, such as contact resistance measurements. It is factory calibrated for five jumper selectable resistance ranges from 20 Ω to 200 kΩ. Accuracy is an exceptional ±0.01% of full scale ± 2 counts. Resolution is one part in 20,000. In the 20-ohm range, resolution is 1 milliohm, making the meter suitable for contact resistance and conductance measurements. An additional 2 MΩ range is available with a factory modification. Meter connections can be via 2, 3 or 4 wires. With 4-wire hookup, 2 wires are used for excitation and two separate wires are used to sense the voltage across the resistance to be measured,
MAGNA Series Large Digit Displays Serial Input Displays (Meters, Counters, Clocks, Timers)
Viewing distances up to 320 feet (100 m) are achieved with oversize digits. A rule of thumb is that viewing distance in feet is 40 times digit height in inches, or in metric terms, that viewing distance in meters is digit height in millimeters divided by 2.Four digit heights are available: 57 mm (2-1/4"), 102 mm (4.0"), 150 mm (5.9"), and 200 mm (7.9"). Solid segments are used for normal brightness 2.2" and 4.0" digits. Individual 5 mm LED pixels are used for larger digits and outdoor brightness versions. The number of digits can be 4, 6 or 8, depending on the display function. Indoor or Outdoor Viewing: MAGNA Series Displays with normal brightness LEDs can be read across an entire plant floor to keep workers informed without leaving their work area.
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