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RKC Instruments Series CB
  Quantity in Basket: None
Code: cb103403903
Shipping Weight: 1.00 pounds
1/16 DIN CB103
1/8 DIN CB403
1/4 DIN CB903
1/16 DIN CB100
1/8 DIN CB400
1/8 DIN CB500
72 MM CB700
1/4 Din CB900
Control Action:
D: PID Control with AT- Direct Action
F: PID Control with AT- Reverse Action
W: Heat/Cool PID Control with AT-Water Cooling
A: Heat/Cool PID Control with AT-Air Cooling
Input Range:
JA3: Thermocouple
T or U Thermocouple
601: Voltage, Current INput
Control Output(Heat):
M: Relay
V: Voltage Pulse
7: Current(0-20m ADC)
8: Current (4-20m A DC)
G: Triac Trigger
T: Triac
Control Output(Cool):
M: Relay Contact
V: Voltage Pulse
7: Current(0-20m ADC)
8: Current (4-20m A DC)
T: Triac
Alarm 1:
N: None
A: Factory Set to Deviation High Alarm
Alarm 2:
N: None
B: Factory Set to Deviation Low Alarm
P: Heater Break Alarm(30 amp ctl Required)
S: Heater Break Alarm(100 amp ctl Required)
Auxiliary Output:
N: None
D: Daviation Band Alarm
Y: RUN/STOP Status
7: 0-20mA DC Retransmission
8: 4-20mA DC Retransmission
Digital Input:
N: None
1: SV!/SV2
N: None
5: RS485 - RKC Protocol
Waterproof/Dustproof Protection:
Case and Faceplate Color:
N: White
A: Black
Accessories Optional Board:
4-20mA Output Board "R" P/N 05829
Control Relay output P/N 02328
Voltage Pulse Output Board
Communication plus HBA Board (CB100)
Communication plus HBA Board (cb400)
HBA Option Board/CB103
HBA Option Board/CB403,903
Accessories Current Transformers:
CTL-6-P-N(30 Amp Standard Type)
CTL-6-P-H(30 Amp Leadless )
CTL-12-S56-10L-N(100 Amp Standard Type)
CTL-12-S56-10L(100 Amp Lead wires without Lugs)
Accessories Shunt Resistor:
PTF6S 2500HM Shunt Resistor
Special Features:
24-VAC Operation Voltage
24 VDC Operation Voltage
Z-1021 RS-485 Modbus Communication
Z-100 Downscale when input is broken
Z-1010 0-10 VDC Input CB100/CB400 only
Z-1031 RS-232C Communication - CB100 Only
Z-1065 Latching Alarm(not FM)
Z-1041 CT Monitor Only
Z-1044 Software Indetifiers for Manipulated Var.
Z-1018 Stop Display is on Lower Display

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