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Advanced Instruments, Inc. has earned a reputation around the world for innovative solutions to gas analysis that encompasses the design and manufacture of advanced oxygen sensors and analyzer platforms, a passion for consistent quality and superior customer support. As a result, they have become a leading worldwide supplier of oxygen sensors and oxygen analyzers to the industrial process control, natural gas, medical and diving industries.

Advanced Instruments Product Offering

Advanced Instruments, Inc. industrial product offering includes a varied range of oxygen analyzers and sensors. Their products include:

Advanced Instruments, Inc. Industrial Oxygen Analyzer

AII Industrial Oxygen Analyzers

High-accuracy oxygen analyzers for monitoring gas in industrial processes where trace oxygen from low parts per million to pure O2 has to be precisely measured.
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AII General Purpose Oxygen Analyzers

Suitable for trace oxygen measurements from 0.1 ppm through to purity applications at 100% oxygen.
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AII Oxygen Analyzers for Ultra-High Purity Gases

PI2 range of trace oxygen analyzers provides accurate and stable measurements of oxygen down to low parts per trillion.
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