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FLW Service Corporation has been the bedrock of reliable and accredited calibration for over three decades, ensuring the highest quality for your instrumentation needs. We take pride in our heritage as a family-owned business, profoundly understanding the importance of accuracy and integrity in every measurement for over 30 years.

The entire process from getting quotes, to the service technician, and receiving the certificates is so smooth. The employees are always nice, patient and helpful. Thank you!
   - An FLW Service Valued Customer

Our Calibration Capabilities

From dimensional and electronics to mechanical, pressure, and temperature, our service portfolio is designed to meet diverse industry needs. We also sell many of the items we calibrate. Our capabilities include:

  • Temperature Uniformity Surveys: Profiling of chambers to ensure uniform distribution per AMS 2750 standard
  • Dimensional: Micrometers, Calipers, Dial Indicators
  • Electronics: Digital and Analog Multimeters, Oscilloscopes
  • Mechanical: Torque Wrenches, Force Gauges, Transducers
  • Pressure: Gauges, Transducers, up to 40,000 PSI
  • Temperature & Humidity Control: Controllers, Psychrometers, and Ovens

Additional FLW Services

Additional services offered by FLW's service team beyond Calibration include:

  • Cal-Soft: FLW's Online Asset Calibration Portal
  • On-Site Calibration & Service: FLW comes to your facility
  • Pickup & Delivery: Free pick up and delivery in Southern California

Experts in Calibrating the Top Brands

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Why Choose FLW?

FLW provides ISO accredited calibration and service for physical measurement, control, and calibration instruments.

Continuous certification to ISO 9001 since 1996 and ISO/IEC 17025 since 2012.
An experienced team of metrologists bringing you effective, economical calibration support.
We service a wide range of industries including electronics manufacturing, telecommunications, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and many more.

Ready for Unmatched Accuracy?

Unlock the full potential of your operations with FLW's calibration services today! For inquiries and quotes:

Pressure Calibration

Pressure calibration services are fundamental to quality assurance, safety, regulatory compliance, and operational efficiency in manufacturing environments. FLW Service can calibrate pressure instrumentation from vacuum to as high as 40,000 PSI. Our services include:

Pressure Gauges Pressure Transmitters Manometers
Pressure Transducers Pressure Calibrators Vacuum Pressure

Electronics Calibration

FLW Service calibrates most common handheld, benchtop, insulation testing, clamp-on, digital, and analog multimeters. In addition to standard calibration, we can provide ISO/IEC 17025:2017 accredited calibration for DC and low RF electronics.

Ammeters Process Indicators Data Loggers Panel Meters
Oscilloscopes pH Meters Stopwatches, Timers, Clocks Megohmmeters
Multimeters Process Calibrators Decade Resistors Chart Recorders
Hypot Testers LCR Meters Dig. Tachometers Conductivity Meters
Freq. Counters Static Field Meters Power Supplies    

Dimensional Calibration

From length measurement tools, such as micrometers, calipers, gages, or tape measures, FLW can calibrate a variety of linear measurement tools, including the following.

Calipers Height Gages Protractors Inclinometers
Depth Gages Thickness Gages Levels Rulers
Dial & Test Indicators Micrometers Feeler Gages    

Mechanical Calibration

Mechanical calibration is s essential in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and scientific research, to ensure that mechanical devices operate as expected and comply with relevant standards and regulations. FLW's mechanical calibration services include:

Tachometers Transducers Scales Transmitters
Force Gauges pH / Conductivity / ORP Torque Wrenches Torque Drivers

Temperature & Humidity Calibration

FLW Service has capabilities of providing controlled temperatures from as low as -13° F to as high as 2100° F.

Controllers Hand Held Indicators Temperature Tanks Autoclaves
Thermocouples Psychrometers Recorders Environmental Chambers
IR Temperature RTDs Ovens