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Since 1968, ChemTec has been engineering and manufacturing their patented line of flow meters, flow monitors, and excess flow valves. ChemTec is owned and operated in the United States. They build, assemble, and test all of their products in their factory located in Deerfield Beach, Florida allowing them to provide reliable, personalized service to all of our customers. They specialize in low flow applications (120 SCFM; 20 GPM or less) and currently are the only manufacturer of all TeflonĀ® flow switches and flow meters. Their low flow products are engineered and manufactured from raw materials in their factory to ensure superior product life-cycle.

Beneficial to a multitude of industries, flow meters, flow monitors and excess flow valves are assisting in medical, biomedical, laser technology, wafer fabrication, clean rooms, cellular towers, petroleum, natural gas, semiconductor, hydrogen, cryogenics and so many more. The possibilities are endless!

ChemTec Product Offering

ChemTec products are engineered and manufactured in their factory to ensure superior quality and product life-cycle. Their products include:

  • Adjustable Flow Monitors / Sensors / Switches
  • Non-Adjustable Flow Monitors / Sensors / Switches
  • Flow Meters
  • Excess Flow Valves

Your Trusted Distributor

FLW, Inc. is proud to distribute ChemTec product. We're happy to help with selecting your product or assist with your application.

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