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Periodic Table
Picture of  Francium

 Atomic No. Order:e

 Alphabetic Order:

Ground State Electron Configuration of  Francium
Symbol: Fr
Atomic Number: 87
Atomicmass: (233) g.mol -1
Electronegative (According to Pauling): 0.7
Density: unknown
Melting Point: 27 °C
Boiling Point: 677 °C
Venderwaals Radious: unknown
Ionic Radious: unknown
Isotopes: 4
Electronic Shell: [ Rn ] 7s1
Energy Of First Ionisation: 375 kJ.mol -1  


No of Protons
Standard Potential:

Electorn in Full Shell
Discoverd By: Discovered by Marguerite Derey in 1939

Electorn in Partial Shell
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