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Laurel Laureate Stopwatch

Laurel Laureate Stopwatch Meter

Configured to time single events or processes which produce start and stop pulses. Duration can be from less than 1 µs to 999,999 hours. Timing resolution to 0.2 µs. Time may be displayed in HH.MM.SS clock format to 99.59.59 with 1 s resolution or in decimal H, M or S format with six-digit resolution.
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Laurel Duty Cycle Meter

Laurel Laureate Duty Cycle Meter

Configured display ON or OFF period as a percentage of total period over a gate time from 10 ms to 199.99 s. A resolution of 1%, 0.1% or 0.01% is selectable. Ideal for repetitive short pulses with a pulse width down to less than 1 µs.
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