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Since 1969 Mensor has been designing and manufacturing precision pressure measuring and pressure calibration instruments and systems. From the very first quartz manometer designed for the aerospace industry, to the modern CPC 8000 High-End Pressure Controller of today, Mensor, now a part of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, specializes in providing quality pressure products and services to a wide variety of industries around the world.

Mensor Product Offering

Mensor Precision Pressure Indicator CPG2500

Precision Pressure Indicator CPG2500

Mensor Modular Precision Pressure Controller CPC6000

Modular Precision Pressure Controller CPC6000

Mensor Process Calibrator CPH6000

Process Calibrator CPH6000

Mensor Digital Pressure Gauge CPG2400

Digital Pressure Gauge CPG2400

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