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FLW, Inc. proudly represents Michell Instruments, a leading manufacturer of dew point transmitters, chilled mirror hygrometers, relative humidity sensors, process moisture analyzers & more.

Michell Instruments is an international leader in the field of moisture and humidity measurement solutions. Michell designs and manufactures a wide range of transmitters, instruments and system solutions capable of measuring trace moisture, humidity, dew point, hydrocarbon dew-point and oxygen content in a vast range of applications and industries ranging from compressed air, power generation, process, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and many more.

Michell Instruments Product Offering

Michell Instruments has developed a range of technologies to fit every dew point application. Michell's range of technologies include; impedance technology using a fast response ceramic sensor; chilled mirror technology, utilizing fundamental dew point technology and hydrocarbon dew point Dark Spot technology for on-line measurement in natural gas. Their products include:

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