Partlow Recorders and Controllers

For eighty years Partlow has been a leader in instrumentation design and manufacture. These products include indicators, controllers, setpoint programmers,and recorders which handle process variables such as temperature, pressure, level, and flow.
Electronic Recorders
partlow electronic recorder
The recorders are available with 10" and 12" circular charts. There are one and two pen analog recorders with optional control capability.
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Electronic Controllers
partlow Electronic Controllers
The controllers are available in 1/32, 1/16, 1/8, and 1/4 DIN sizes. There are non-indicating analog limit devices to dual display limit devices.
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Mechanical Recorders
partlow Mechanical Recorders
One and two pen, 10" circular chart, industrial temperature recorders are available. Instruments equipped with spring wound chart drives require no operating power, making them excellent choices for many applications.
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Mechanical Controller
Partlow Mechanical Controller
The indicating mechanical temperature controllers are self-operating, requiring no operating power. On-off controllers are available with one or two switches, for heating, cooling, or heat-cool applications.
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Mechanical Limits
Partlow Mechanical Limits
The non-indicating mechanical temperature limit devices are self-operating, requiring no operating power. Some include sensing element failure protection.
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Gas Controls
Partlow Gas Controls
Partlow’s self-operating, throttling gas control valves have been used in a wide variety of applications for over 60 years. They require no power.
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