Refrigerant Pumps

For use with R-11, R-12, R-22, R-114, R-134A, R-500, R-502 refrigerants.

Haskel Refrigerant Pump
Pump the liquid first...then the vapor...then vacuum to 23"-27" HG with one pump.

High Pressure
Positive displacement, two stage with plenty of "leverage" to condense the common refrigerant without a condenser.

Speed completely variable from zero to maximum lbs/minute. Stall against load. Start against load. Run dry. No need for unloaders or bypass valving. Add gauges and hoses to suit your application
Cool Operation
No heat generated during liquid transfer. Minor warming during vapor transfer. No refrigerant heating from the motor.

Pneumatically driven. Operates from an air hose like an air tool. No electrical hazard.

Each model is an integral pump with linear air motor assembly weighing from 13 to 24 lbs.

No lubrication required. Nothing is added to the refrigerant, liquid or vapor.

Model Pump Displacement
per Cycle (in.3)
Air Drive
590158.94 x 2 ½
59020105 ¾ x 2
59025105 ¾ x 2
Haskel Liquid Pump

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