Laureate™ BCD Output Option Isolate, three-state, stored, parallel

  • Three-state, stored, parallel BCD allows multiplexing on same data line.
  • Isolated from meter and power grounds.
  • Continuous or programmable output rate.
  • Certified to UL 3101-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2, EN 61010-1 (CE Mark).
  • Outputs powered by meter.
  • BCD Hold, Data Ready & Output Enable facilitate interface to external devices.
  • Reflects filtered or unfiltered input signal.
  • -----
The Laureate™ BCD option provides an isolated, three-state, parallel, stored BCD output to external devices such as PLCs, panel-mount printers, and dataloggers. The BCD outputs of multiple meters can be multiplexed by addressing each meter with its own Enable line. Only the addressed meter will provide data output, while the other non-addressed meters are held in a non-transmitting high impedance output state. BCD Hold and Data Ready outputs further simplify the interface.
The parallel BCD output from a Laureate DPM or counter is often used to drive a panel-mount printer for a hard copy record. Some printer models will print at programmed time intervals.
The output level is selectable for 5 or 15 Vdc logic. Isolated power for the BCD outputs is provided by an on-board supply.
The tri-state, parallel BCD output option allows multiple Laureate meters and counters to be interfaced to a PLC via a single ribbon cable with mass termination connectors along its length.


Type 3-state, stored, parallel,
Signal levels
LPTTL & CMOS-compatible
BCD Hold, Data Ready,
BCD Enable.
Provided by meter.
Safety rated to 250 Vac,
4.2 kVp per high voltage test.
Connectios See pinout to right.
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