Laureate 4-20 mA Output Transmitter for Process Signal Input

Transmiter Type:
LTA Laureate 4-20 mA Transmitter $235
Main Board:
2 Standard Main Board NC
4 Extended Main Board $40
  Note: Extended allows custom curve linearization and rate from successive readings.  
0 85-264 Vac NC
1 12-32 Vac or 10-48 Vdc $30
Setpoint Output:
0 None NC
2 Isolated Dual Solid State Relays. NC
Signal Input: Process Signals(e.g., 4-20 mA, 0-5 V)
P Field scalable. Default scaling is 4-20 mA in = 4-20 mA out NC
P1 Custom Scaling. Specify min input, min output; max input, max output. $10
Note: The same DC signal conditioner can be user configured for process, strain or potentiometer follower signals, as well as DC Volts or DC Amps. It is precalibrated in EEPROM for all DC Volt and DC Amp ranges listed for DC transmitters.
CBL04 RS-232 cable, LTA to computer or USB adapter $19
CBL02 USB to RS-232 cable adapter $39
Configured model number : LTA200P
Configured price per model: $235

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