4-20 mA Current Output Transmitter & Dual Pulse Input Totalizer

Rate or total in same transmitter, square root extraction. DIN Rail mounted, digitally programmable.
Transmitter Type:
LT Laureate Transmitter 4-20mA & RS232/RS485 $235
LTE Laureate Transmitter 4-20mA & Ethernet $295
Main Board:
6 Standard Main Board $0
8 Extended Main Board $40
With Standard Main Board: Scalable to ±999,999 for frequency, rate, square root of rate, up or down total, period, A-to-B time interval.
With Extended Main Board: Above, plus rate and total simultaneously, ratio (A/B), draw (A/B-1), other arithmetic functions (AxB, A+B, A-B), phase angle, stopwatch, up/down counting, batching operation, linearization of nonlinear inputs.
0 85-264 Vac or 95-300 Vdc $0
1 12-32 Vac or 10-48 Vdc $30
2 Power over Ethernet (LTE only) $30
Input Type:
FR Dual-Channel Pulse Input Signal Conditioner. $0
CBL02 USB to DB9 adapter. $39
CBL04 Cable, transmitter to DB9 on PC $19
Configured model number : LTA600FR
Configured price per model: $235

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