Modbus & Serial Output Thermocouple Transmitter

(Exceptional linearity & accuracy at high update rates. DIN Rail mounted, digitally programmable.)
  Laureate Modbus Transmitter
Transmiter Type:
TM Laureate Modbus Transmitter.


Main Board:
2 Standard Main Board $0
4 Extended Main Board $40
0 Isolated 95-240 Vac & 95-300 Vdc $0
1 Isolated 10-34 Vac & 10-48 Vdc. $30
Setpoint Output:
0 None. $0
2 Isolated Dual Solid State Relays. $0
Scalable Analog Output:
0 None. $0
1 4-20 mA or 0-10V analog output. $0
Signal Input:


JC Thermocouple Type J, -210°C to 760°C $0
JF Thermocouple Type J, -347°F to 1400°F
KC Thermocouple Type K, -347°C to 1372°C
KF Thermocouple Type K, -408°F to 2501°F
TC Thermocouple Type T, -257°C to 400°C
TF Thermocouple Type T, -430°F to 752°F
EC Thermocouple Type E, -240°C to 1000°C
EF Thermocouple Type E, -400°F to 1830°F
$0 Thermocouple Type N, -240°C to 1000°C
NF Thermocouple Type N, -410°F to 2370°F
SC Thermocouple Type S, -46°C to 1768°C
SF Thermocouple Type S, -51°F to 3214°F
RC Thermocouple Type R, -45°C to 1768°C
RF Thermocouple Type R, -49°F to 3213°F
Note: The same temperature signal conditioner board can be user configured for all thermocouple and RTD types listed. Temperatures for each type are spanned by a single range.
CBL04 RS-232 cable, LTM to computer or USB adapter $19
CBL02 USB to RS-232 cable adapter $39
Configured model number : TM2000JC
Configured price per model: $235

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