Laureate™ Dual-Channel Up/Down Totalizer

(With two independently scalable channels & presets)
Standard Counter
  • Independent, scalable totals for Channels A & B.
  • Inputs from NPN or PNP proximity switches, contact closures, digital
  • Up counting from zero to preset value using positive scale factor.
  • Data rates up to 1 MHz.
  • Green or red LED display.
  • Optional dual relays, 4-20 mA & 0-10 V analog output, RS-232/485, and parallel BCD output.
  • Totals stored in non-volatile memory.
  • logic, magnetic pickups down to 12 mV, or AC inputs up to 250 Vac.
  • Down counting from preset to zero using negative scale factor.
  • Isolated 5, 10 or 24 Vdc excitation supply to power sensors.
  • NEMA 4X front panel, 1/8 DIN case.
  • Certified to UL 3101-1, CAN/CSA-C22.2, EN 61010-1 (CE Mark).
Extended Counter All capabilities of the Standard Counter, plus:
  • Channel A total and Channel B rate simultaneously.
  • Counting on Channel A, using Channel B to inhibit counting.
  • Up/down counting on Channel A, using Channel B to control count direction.
  • Arithmetic functions A+B, A-B, A*B, A/B
The Laureate dual-channel up or down totalizer is a basic operating mode of the Laureate counter with the FR dual-channel signal conditioner board.

Each channel (A or B) may be independently set up and scaled to count up from zero (or other value) to a preset limit, or to count down from a preset value to zero (or other limit). Countdown operation is set up by entering a negative scale factor.

The six-digit counter display is capable of displaying any value from -999,999 to 999,999 with programmable decimal point. Scaling allows direct readout in engineering units, such as gallons or cubic feet based on counts from a turbine flowmeter, or the count of cans based on the count of six-packs. The displayed channel (A or B) is selected via a front panel pushbutton. The totals are stored in non-volatile memory so as to be retained in the absence of power.

The minimum recommended complementary option for the Laureate totalizer is the dual setpoint controller output board, which is available with either 10 A relays or AC/DC solid state relays.

Extended Counter Capabilities
An optional Extended counter version provides capabilities beyond those of the standard counter

Rate and total simultaneously. Channel A can display total while Channel B displays rate. The selection of A or B for display is via a front panel pushbutton. This mode is ideal for flow applications

Up/down counting. Channel A can serve as an up/down counter, where the count direction is dynamically changed by applying a signal to Channel B. For instance, Channel A can count and scale pulses from a turbine flowmeter, while Channel B inputs the direction of flow. This allows total volume to be tracked in case of reversible flow

Totalizing with external inhibit. Totalizing by Channel A can be temporarily inhibited by applying a signal to Channel B. For instance, 60 Hz AC pulses can be counted by Channel A and be scaled to display elapsed hours. A signal can be applied to Channel B to start or stop pulse counting when a process is in operation

Linearization of nonlinear inputs. Exceptionally accurate custom curve rate linearization is achievable, for instance to linearize the low flow end of turbine flowmeters. For setup, up to 240 data points can be input into a spreadsheet or text file by the user. The computer then calculates nonlinear segments, which are downloaded into the meter via RS-232. The linearized rate can then be totalized by the Extended counter

Arithmetic functions. The Extended counter makes arithmetic functions available, namely A+B, A-B, A*B, A/B and A/B-1. These solve many applications. For instance, A+B allows two input flows to be summed for total volume, while A-B allows outflow to be subtracted from inflow for net volume. A/B allows the mixing of ingredients in a specified ratio. By monitoring and alarming the A/B volume ratio, ingredient B can be added to A until the proper ratio is achieved.

Universal Signal Conditioner
The dual-channel signal conditioner accepts inputs from proximity switches with PNP or NPN output, TTL or CMOS logic, magnetic pickups, contact closures, low-level outputs from turbine flow meters down to 12 mV, and high-level AC line inputs up to 250 Vac. Nine hysteresis pairs are jumper selectable for reliable triggering with different signal levels. A 1600 Hz low-pass roll-off filter for noise reduction and contact debounce times of 3 ms or 50 ms are also selectable.

A built-in isolated 5, 10, or 24 Vdc excitation supply can power proximity switches and other sensors, and eliminate the need for an external power supply.

Other Features and Options
Plug-in isolated analog output, dual setpoint controller and RS232/485 communications or BCD output boards can upgrade the Laureate from a stand-alone monitor to system interface and control. The ability of the Laureate to output an isolated 4-20 mA signal which tracks a total may be unique among totalizers. Laureates meet NEMA 4X (IP-65) standards from the front when panel mounted.


Display Excitation Output
Readout 6 digits, 7-segment, 14.2 mm (.56") 5 Vdc 5 Vdc ±5%, 100 mA max
Color Red or green LED 10 Vdc 10 Vdc ±5%, 120 mA max
Range -99999 to +99999 XXXXEX scientific notation beyond 999999 24 Vdc 24 Vdc ±5%, 50 mA max
Indicators  4 red LED lamps Output isolation 50 Vdc to meter ground
Electrical Connections
Environmental Power
Operating Temperature 0°C to 55°C Voltage, std.
85-264 Vac and 90-370 Vdc
Storage Temperature -40°C to 85°C Frequency
DC or 49-440 Hz
Relative Humidity  95% at 40°C, non-condensing Voltage, opt. 8-28 Vac and 9-37 Vdc
Protection NEMA-4X (IP-65) when panel mounted Power isolation Safety-rated to 250 Vac, meter ground to earth ground,
DC to 60 Hz, 4.2 kVp per High Voltage Test
AC, pulses from NPN, PNP transistors, contact closures, magnetic pickups Selectable Hysteresis (-12 mV to +12 mV), (+30 mV to +60 mV),
(-30 mV to -20 mV), (-150 mV to +150 mV),
(+350 mV to +600 mV), (-600 mV to -350 mV),
(-1.15 V to +1.15 V), (+1.25 V to +2.1 V),
Signal ground Common ground for channels A & B
Channel A Frequency 0.005 Hz to 1 MHz Rolloff Filter (-2.1 V to -1.25 V)
Channel B Frequency 0.005 Hz to 250 kHz Debounce Time Selectable, none or 1600 Hz
Selectable 0, 3, 50 ms

Typical Applications

Up/Down Totalizing
Up/down totalizing is provided by a mode of the Extended counter where pulses are either added or subtracted on Channel A based on a direction input on Channel B. The counter can also be programmed so that counting by Channel A is inhibited by an input on Channel B.
Combining Two Totals
The Laureate can sense the low-level signals from magnetic pickups or the NPN or PNP transistor output of active sensors. These can be powered directly by the meter. Display in RPM or units of speed is achieved by mathematically scaling the meter.
Up or Down Counting with Preset
A single Laureate dual-channel counter will handle two repetitive fill operations by counting from zero up to a preset, or down from a preset to zero. A dual setpoint relay board is required
Machine ON Time and Utilization
An easy way to measure the ON time of machines is to count AC line cycles and scale the total to hours. To display machine utilization or duty cycle in percent, use the Extended counter. Connect Channel A to switched AC and Channel B to the AC line, and have the counter display the A/B ratio with a 100 multiplier
Total and Rate Simultaneously
The Extended version of the Laureate dual channel counter can display scaled rate or total for the same channel at the push of a button, and alarm both the rate and total. The Extended version is further capable of linearizing nonlinear inputs, thereby extending the working range and accuracy of flow transducers.
System-level Capabilities
The Laureate dual channel totalizer can independently scale, display and alarm two totals, and the totals plus alarm data can be transmitted via RS-232 or RS-485. The displayed totals can also be transmitted as isolated parallel BCD and isolated 4-20 mA analog output. The Extended version can further display and transmit arithmetic combinations of the two totals.
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