Air and Hydraulic Actuators

Designed for remote control of tough-to-handle fluid and gas systems, such as corrosive processes, high temperature test loops, cryogenic systems, sampling of steam generators, and hazardous environments.

BuTech Actuators

Since BuTech air and hydraulic actuators are virtually maintenance-free, they are ideally suited for service in limited access areas. The compact size and weight of these units permit installation where space or weight is at a premium.

The single-acting actuators have a fail-safe feature: The Air-to-Open actuator closes the valve on loss of operating pressure, while the Air-to-Close actuator opens the valve on loss of operating pressure. These very desirable safety features are necessary in critical systems.

BuTech offers both 5" and 8" air actuators for the valves covered on this website. Also available are the compact hydraulic actuators. See the chart below for proper selection.

Model Description
ATC55" Air-to-Close
ATC88" Air-to-Close
2XATC55" Double Piston Air-to-Close
ATO55" Air-to-Open
ATO88" Air-to-Open
2XATO55" Double Piston Air-to-Open
DA55" Double-Acting
DA88" Double-Acting
2XDA55" Double-Piston Double-Acting
DAHHydraulic Actuators
DAH2Hydraulic Actuators
BuTech Ball Valve

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