Gas Booster

Haskel Gas boosters consist of a large area reciprocating air drive piston directly coupled by a connecting rod to a small area gas piston. The gas piston operates in a high pressure gas barrel section. Each gas barrel end cap Contains high-pressure inlet and outlet check valves. The air drive section includes a cycling spool and pilot valves that provide continuous reciprocating action when air is supplied to the air drive inlet.

Haskel Gas Boosters and Gas Booster Systems

Model 26968 Oxygen Booster System
Used by almost every airline in the world for filling on-board emergency cylinders. Also used by major diving contractors, emergency medical service companies and mine rescue centers.
Model 52059 Transfer Unit
Capable of handling liquefied gases such as SF6, CO2, Freon, and others. The Haskel system illustrated is used by utility companies to transfer SF6 (arc suppressant) from cylinder to circuit breaker and circuit breaker to cylinder. Benefits include the ability to transfer liquid and gas and to draw vacuum in one compact unit.
Model 80324
Compressed natural gas roll-bar frame transfer unit for gas storage transfer to vehicles.
High-Purity 12,000 psi Nitrogen System
Used for pressure testing, purging and cryostat charging at a missile manufacturing facility.
Haskel International Mobile Nitrogen Charging Cart
Used for aircraft ground support in both commercial and military applications. Features self-contained accumulators, struts and tires.
Combination Gas Booster - Liquid Pump Test Control System
Haskel's ability to incorporate and interface electronic controls provides precise compression and control of gases for gas-assisted injection molding, foam production, automotive air bag vessel filling, cryostat charging and other critical applications. Major oil companies use the system shown for testing relief valves, isolation valves, etc. System includes bar code and serialization capability for pressure test requirements and traceability.
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