Haskel Gas Boosters

Pneumatic and Hydraulic Driven

Haskel AG Series

Haskel air and hydraulic driven gas boosters provide for pressures up to 39,000 psi (2690 bar). Used for virtually all known gases, these boosters are ideal for increasing gas pressure, transferring high pressure gas, charging cylinders and scavenging. Key features include:

  • Air driven - no electricity required
  • No airline lubricator required
  • Hydrocarbon free - separation between air and gas sections
  • Pressures to 39,000 psi (2690 bar)
  • Wide range of models
  • Built-in-cooling on most models
  • Standard and custom systems available

Need help?

FLW proudly carries a large inventory of Haskel product. In addition, we have Haskel product specialists and engineers with application engineering expertise that you won't find anywhere else. Not to mention we repair most standard Haskel pumps and boosters.