Connectors & Cable Assemblies

aitek instrument cabling accessories

FLW stocks a selection of connectors and cable assemblies for your convenience. Complete cable assemblies include the connector and 10' of recommended wiring for use with AI-Tek equipment. All wiring is insulated, and wrapped with braided or copper shield and jacketed in long-lasting PVC, Teflon or polyolefin insulation. Alternate cable length is 50', use -050 for final suffix.

Part Number No. of Wires Connector Mil. Connect. No. Max. Temp. Cable Wiring
CN79860-31002 WireStraightMS3106A10SL-4S125°CConnector Only
CN79860-38002 WireRightMS3108B10SL-4S125°CConnector Only
CN79860-30002 WireStraightMS3456L10SL-4S175°CConnector Only
CA79860-01-0102 WireStraightMS3106A10SL-4S105°C#22 Black & White
CA79860-17-0102 WireRightMS3108B10SL-4S105°C#22 Black & White
CA79860-06-0102 WireStraightMS3456L10SL-4S175°C#20 Black & White
CN79860-26003 WireStraightMS3106A10SL-3S125°CConnector Only
CN79860-39003 WireRightMS3108B10SL-3S125°CConnector Only
CA79860-18-0103 WireStraightMS3106A10SL-3S125°C#20 Red,White & Black
CN79860-24-0103 WireRightMS3108B10SL-3S125°C#20 Red,White & Black
CN79860-42005 WireStraightMIL-C-26482 PT06W-10-6S125°CConnector Only
CA79860-30-0105 WireStraightBayonet Style125°C#22 Red, Orange, Black, White, Green
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