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Not all tachometers are the same, and this is certainly true of the AI-Tek Instruments tachometry line. Designed with severe industrial environments in mind, these units will provide reliable around the clock operation for years under adverse conditions. AI-Tek Instruments is a leader in manufacturing this type of instrument. Their prices reflect the design, quality, ruggedness and engineering of the equipment. What you really get with AI-Tek Instruments is a superb price performance ratio. It may not initially be the least expensive equipment available; but, in the long run, the value of this equipment is that it will outperform and outlast others.

Part Number Input Power Enclosure Net Weight (lbs)
T77510-10 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcStandard0.6
T77510-40 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcNEMA 4X3.4
T77510-70 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcExplosion Proof 24.0
T77530-1080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcStandard0.7
T77530-4080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcNEMA 4X3.5
T77530-7080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcExplosion Proof24.0
T77610-10 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcStandard3.0
T77610-40 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcNEMA 4X5.0
T77610-70 - DISCONTINUED80-264 Vac/12-30 VdcExplosion Proof45.0
T77630-1080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcStandard3.0
T77630-4080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcNEMA 4X6.0
T77630-7080-264 Vac/12-30 VdcExplosion Proof49.0
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