Solid & Split Gears

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Split Gears

When using an AI-Tek speed sensor in RPM measurement, split gears provide a convenient and simple means of installation where shaft disassembly is not feasible. The two halves of the gear are fastened with clamping screws, thus assuring close fit. All split gears are 12 diametral pitch, 14.5° pressure angle.

Solid Gears

AI-Tek also offers a 20 diametral pitch, 14.5° pressure angle, solid steel gear. This gear can be re-bored to fit shaft diameters up to 1.375". It is secured to the shaft with 2 set screws.

Part Number Gear Type Pitch Diameter (in) O.D. (in) No. of Teeth Tooth Face (in) Overall Length (in) Std. Bore Diameter (in) Max Bore Diameter (in) Approximate Weight (lbs) Max RPM
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