RKC INSTRUMENT : REX Century Series Controllersquotation

The REX century series is high performance PID controller with easy-to-use.Heat/cool control and two alarms including heater break alarm and loop break alarm are available.The REX Century series is available in five DIN sizes from 1/16 DIN to 1/4 DlN.

Digital Temperature Controller -REX D400,900 Series
rex-d400 $304.00
rex-d900 $332.00
control action:
N:None $0.00
f:PID autotune $0.00
w:PID heat/cool autotune $72.00
control output(cool):
N:None(control action F) $0.00
M:Relay Contact $0.00
V:voltage Pulse $0.00
[ ]:specify signal code from D series signal code table( D100 Section) $36.00
T: Triac $36.00
N:None $0.00
D:Dual Alarms(Field-Programmble) $38.00
Heater Break Alarms:
N: No Hba/with step function $0.00
S:single phase HBA/with step function 30 Amp CTL required- not included $29.00
D:three phase HBA/with step function specify two 30Amp or 100Amp CTL's- not included $29.00
N:None $0.00
specify signal code from D series signal code table $68.00
N:None $0.00
4:RS-422A $68.00
5:RS-485 $68.00
N:None $0.00
CTL-6-P-N(30 Amp standard type) p/n 01659 $32.00
CTL-6-P-H(30 Amp leadless) p/n 06238 $21.00
CTL-12-S56-10L-N(100 Amp standard type P/N 01385) $46.00
CTL-12-S56-10L(100 Amp lead wires without lugs) $36.00
shunt resistor:
N:None $0.00
PTF 6S 2500HM 10PPM shunt resistor radial lead type P/N 06194 $12.00
Configured model number: rex-d400 N N N N N N N N
Configured price : $304.00*


1.      If Heat/Cool PID Control with AT is selected; Analog Retransmission Output can not be added.

2.      If Heat/Cool PID Control with AT is selected or Analog Retransmission is selected the communication function becomes RS-485.

3.      When Dual Alarms and HBA are specified, HBA is assigned to Alarm Relay #2

4.      If continuous voltage/Current output is specified, HBA can not be used.

5.      For 3 Phase HBA, Both CTL'S must have the amperage.

6.      A Shunt register is required when used for current Input (Soled Spectrally)

7.      Contact, Input, RUN/STOP function specify code Z-188 at the end of the part number, this is no cost option

8.      Triace Rated to OSA@40 oC. Does not confirm to any UL, Also Available on heat side for additional cost.

Our process and temperature control technology is widely used in industry.

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